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Clearwater Security Safes & Vault Services

Countryside Locksmith Security Services and Repair

Countryside Locksmith has been a trusted provider of safe and vault services in Clearwater for many years. Our efficient and experienced service team provides fast and skilled response for any safe and vault requirement including:

  • Security safe installation and removal
  • Safe maintenance and service contracts
  • Vault door and safe repairs
  • Custom manufactured products
  • Key lock safes
  • Combination and padlocks

Skilled in both basic and high security lock systems, Countryside Locksmith locksmiths provide maintenance programs to the banking and hotel industry in the Clearwater region.

Our trusted safe and vault security team is available to provide:

  • Safe installation: Countryside Locksmith provides the expertise required to move your existing safe or install a technologically advanced safe at any location in Clearwater area.
  • Repairs and installation of all lockable equipment: Vault doors, safes, lockers, teller units, ATM’s, filing cabinets and more.
  • Vault doors and safe repairs: For either an emergency or regular maintenance, our service team is on call 24 hours a day to open safes or vaults that have been damaged due to theft, vandalism or faulty equipment. Temporary replacement equipment is always available along with reasonable rates for new installations.
  • Safety deposit boxes: Repaired in the presence of your client, or inquire about bulk services.

Clearwater Safe and Vault Experts

For financial institutions or other facilities in Clearwater, our bonded and licensed service team responds to any requirement including:

  • Opening a safe if combination lock fails
  • Safe or vault combination reprogramming
  • Service locks and doors
  • Modification of your safe
  • Duplicate keys for your safe or vault
  • New or used supply safes for sale

Call (727) 796-0292 for emergencies or to schedule an appointment for a free consultation.